Choosing to challenge on #IWD2021

Since 2017, I have shared a post on International Women’s Day reflecting on an article that I wrote in 2017 about how long it would take for women to earn equal pay for equal work, after my shock from learning about the Economic Participation and Opportunity subindex gap. Each year I share findings from the latest WEF Global Gender Gap Report to showcase how things have changed over time. I always go straight to the stats on the overall global gender gap as it confounds me th

Image by Jason Rosewell


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10 March 2020

Featured in The Purpose Business’s Insights - Rebecca highlights how to start making business more sustainable. Read on to find out what you want and what you need to do, whether you are the CEO or not.

March 2020

Featured in The Billie Upcycling Insights and co-written by Pat Dwyer and Rebecca - this article shares some of the many ways to learn to live more sustainably, with the hope of inspiring and motivating you to take control and make a real impact in ways big and small.

13 February 2020

Featured on the Hong Kong Securities Institute YouTube, wearing her TPB hat - Rebecca shares some bite-sized industry insights on ESG risks.