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Exceptional advisory services catered specifically to your needs

Operating in the 21st century, you need to transparently disclose your organization's approach to social and environmental responsibility. If you are struggling to understand the complexities of sustainability, wondering how you can translate your values into actions, and unsure how to prioritize your social and environmental initiatives, then contacting SouthPaw is a great place to start.

We work to help you understand sustainability, build your strategic roadmap and goals, and help you become a leader in sustainability.

green papers


Let us help you put together a sustainability report that covers your environmental, social and governance performance

Acting as a project manager and adviser, we walk you through the reporting process ensuring that your report tells your organization’s story in a fair and balanced way, while honestly depicting progress and setbacks.


Our end-to-end expertise includes bespoke drafting, editing, case studies, data analysis and/or validation, translation, and design review.


We can ensure that your report aligns with local and international reporting standards like the GRI Standards, SASB, IFRS/ISSB, TCFD, and more!



Nuanced and forward-looking analysis for long-term, scalable solutions

With a mission to achieve inclusive sustainable development and a firm grasp of the SDG landscape, we conduct cutting-edge research that critiques the implementation sustainable development mechanisms, benchmarks innovative solutions, and advocates new pathways for more equitable and inclusive development.

Our research helps clients gain a better understanding of the interactions between economic growth, human well-being, and global environmental health. We also specialize in identifying changemakers and building global relationships to influence responsible decision-making and the expansion of a circular economy.

Business Meeting


Sustainability is a common goal among many companies today, but it means many things to many people.

We help you engage your stakeholders via focus groups, one-on-one interviews or online surveys—and we summarize results in an accessible and relevant style that can feed into the materiality review process.

Stakeholder Training

Sustainability training can strengthen relationships among your stakeholders — from customers, employees, to upper management. Our team brings stakeholder training and education into your organization, providing bespoke courses for a range of audiences and topics.

If you are interested in a customized, in-person training package, please contact us.




We take a look at how your organization approaches sustainability now and provide recommendations for future action.

Meeting Room


We help you form your voice and tell your sustainability story via creative, honest, and accountable copy that eschews greenwashing and marketing spin.



We can review your commitments and help guide you towards genuine SDG alignment.

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